Presenting the Red Lored Hybrid in the running to become President of the Parrot Station Nation! Leo’s got a huge heart with a fluffy head to match! His previous experience includes secret service duties to Bella the Princess, as well as other notable child stars. He’ll kiss all the babies, and when he’s done, kiss them again!*

*This message was approved by Leo and the Bureau of the Intelligent Raptor Department (BIRD)
Likes: Children, Home Cooked Meals, Giving Speeches
Dislikes: Helicopter Parents, Pedicures


The loner, the rebel! Blue the Indian Ringneck Parakeet works on his own time, coming and going as he pleases. He’s sure-footed and the best flyer around! Using his street-smarts, Blue will always come out on top!
Likes: Brooding, Bluffing, Hair Styling
Dislikes: Crowds

Missing in action

The queen has arrived! Jersey the Umbrella Cockatoo is ready to take the world by storm, one donut at a time. Always trying to track down sugar, and throwing tantrums when she doesn’t get her way.. this queen is still welcoming to all birds, she’s ready for a good dance party and has to show of her moves to her best friend Cody
Likes: Dancing, Threading Beads, and Cuddling
Dislikes: Not getting her way!


Gangsta is the new Pink - Vinny the Galah Cockatoo will always tell it like it is. He may seem hardened, but under that Dive-bombing exterior is a gentle, sweet feathered cuddle bug! (you didn’t hear it from me)

Likes: Boxes, Mouthing Off, Dancing, Challenging George
Dislikes: Taking His Boxes Away!


The stealthiest African Grey around, so stealthy in fact, that she was thought to be a boy until laying her first egg! She’ll sneak up when you’re not looking and leave catastrophe in your wake - she keeps a keen assassin eye and hates those who dare enter her territory.
Likes: Stealth
Dislikes: Anyone Who Blows Her Cover


Paris Hilton has nothing on her! This princess is the heiress to the Parrot Station Nation, and while she may come off as bratty the best behaved bird ever, she always gets her way remains super selfless and adorable!! No… she didn’t pay me to say any of this!
Likes: Getting Her Way Rainbows! Butterflies! Scrapbooking!
Dislikes: Being Told No Meanies!


The proudest of birds! As beautiful as Rocky is, you’d think he’d want to show off his iridescent feathers, but he prefers lounging at home watching TV. He has great taste in music and appreciates a good musical. He also delves into ASMR. Rocky the hyacinth macaw can sing with the best of them - as long as his stage is the shower!
Likes: Brazil nuts, Showing Off, Watching TV and Movies
Dislikes: Everyone but George!