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Don’t miss out! We’re really excited to have this toy brought to us by Super Bird Creations! One of our favorite things about Twirl-N-Whirl is how you’re able to bolt it onto your birds cage or aviary. This toy most fit for medium sized parrots but smaller birds can also find some enjoyment within this toy too! BRAND: Super Bird Creations MEASUREMENTS: 6.5" x 6.5" BIRD SIZE: Twirl-N-Whirl is most fitted for medium sized birds such as: Galah Cockatoos African Greys Amazon Parrots Electus Small Macaws Senegals Ringnecks MATERIALS: Wooden blocks, thin paper sticks, plastic twirl. MARLENE MC’COHEN’S FLOCK: Marlene’s Rose-Breasted Galah Cockatoo, Vinny, is a huge fan of Twirl-N-Whirl! He absolutely loves tearing this toy apart. Consider this toy #VinnyApproved.
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